Thursday, October 09, 2008

Extended Commute

It's always a pleasure to house sit in a really nice place when one resides in a studio apartment. Being in the middle of a three week stint at the home of a relative has been nothing short of wonderful. Being left more food than one could consume and enough good wine to drown Skid Row is icing on the proverbial cake.

There are a couple of drawbacks to all of this, or are they really a drawback? My commute has been more than doubled and includes having to cross a freeway. The more than doubling of the mileage is not a problem though because my mileage is pretty light from my place. The freeway crossing is not a problem either, as long as I stick to the one available overpass that does not include any freeway on/off ramps. There was a problem with the closest freeway crossing that does include ramps and it only took once to be convinced that two miles out of the way is not a hindrance compared to becoming a hood ornament.

Life is pretty damn good right now.


Blogger j wood said...

JD, I have enjoyed reading your blog this morning. Glad to hear that you are doing good out there. Take care and enjoy the Autumn weather.

Jeff Wood

14 October, 2008 07:16  
Blogger commutant said...

Jeff, I lack severely on this blog sometimes. It's good to see you are still kicking it in GJ.

20 February, 2009 14:20  

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