Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Waving to all of the cyclists one sees around here could be a tiresome act because of the sheer numbers. It's understandable why many cyclists don't regularly greet others and I normally don't initiate contact, unless something compels me to. I'll return a wave with at least a head nod, unless it's noticed too late and would be unseen.

My commute can be rife with cyclists, from commuters to recreational type folks. I see some of the same people almost day in and day out. There is one commuter I see almost daily, rain or shine. There is only one commuter and no recreational cyclists on days there is even a threat of incliment weather, let alone rain. I was finally compelled to start greeting this other commuter, who either just doesn't give a shit about a few drops like I don't, or is a man of principle. It took about four tries, giving him plenty of time to see and return my simple peace sign flash and he finally returned it with a wave last week. We'll see if it continues...


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