Thursday, February 21, 2008

Some People's Kids

While walking my bicycle on the sidewalk between the driveway and my apartment yesterday, there were two kids blocking the sidewalk. Both were about ten to twelve years old, one on a skateboard and the other sitting on a bicycle. As I approached, the one on the bicycle saw me and moved to the side to allow me to get by. The kid on the skateboard saw me and stayed right where he was. I walked up and stopped, waiting for the kid on the skateboard to do something. After about ten seconds of looking at this kid, I finally asked, "Are you going to move, or what?" The kid jumps off of his skateboard, leaving it blocking the sidewalk and looks at me with a "what are you going to do now?" look. His skateboard got a free flight into the grass with the assistance of my foot. He started to say something and I told him if he has anything to say to send one or both of his parents over to talk with me. I sure hope he has a nice career at McDonald's.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have discovered this behavioer several times. what is the deal?

26 May, 2008 08:46  

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