Wednesday, January 30, 2008


I guess the Weather Gods heard what I had to say. It hasn't rained for a couple of days now and everything is back to whatever normal may be around here. Some say it's cold, but compared to Colorado Winters, this is a cakewalk.

Monday I managed to get a 30 miler in with some hills. The new bike is super comfortable compared to the Fuji Track I had relegated myself to. The stretched out wheelbase and 27" wheels are partially to be credited for this. The Fizik Nisene saddle helps quite a bit too. This afternoon when I decide to roll out of bed before work, at least 30 miles are on tap. It's nice to be riding regularly again. It's the most consistency I've had since Kenny and I got plowed by that idiot in Santa Fe Springs in September.

The weekend is looking promising so far. There is a slight threat of rain on the horizon there, but I don't trust the local weather prognosticators to be very accurate. Something about government employees and tinfoil hats...


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