Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Waver (follow-up)

Well, the aforementioned solid commuter now waves every time we pass. He must work the same kind of messed up shift-type work I do because sometimes we get to greet in both the mornings and evenings. Now I'm starting to wonder if he is like my own Bizzarro Commutant, working 12 hour day shifts, commuting in the opposite direction of me at the same time every day. Or does he have the vampire shift like me, but lives and works the opposite of me? There are things I ponder at 0-Dark:30 and will probably never find out.

I have seen Frank, the Ambiguous guy on his Bridgestone track bike once in the past few weeks. He appears to be getting back on track with his morning spins up and down the bike path. That should be good for a few early morning convos on the way home in the next few months.


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