Tuesday, July 08, 2008


What is it with some of the flatbill wearing, goatee sporting, crummy tattoo posterized "bros" out there? When being heckled on my bicycle by ignorant motorists, at least 80% of the time, it's one of these goobers. When a projectile has been thrown at me from a moving motor vehicle, it has been one of these cretins 100% of the time. Such was the case a couple of weeks ago.

Some friends and I were out at night, riding down a hill at high speed when what sounded to be a half-full can of some beverage whistled between us and smacked the curb as a light colored suv flew past us. Being that was the only vehicle on the road at the time, we kept up our speed to see if we could determine just what this fool's malfunction was. The vehicle in question appeared to be attempting to elude us as we drew about 100 yards away and the light turned green for them to duck into a resedential area. Little did they know that we know that particular resedential area really well.

Upon entering the area where these creeps disappeared into, the places we had figured they might go were looked at first. After doubling back towards the main arterial where the incident occured, the vehicle appeared out of a dead-end sidestreet. While some of us were questioning their motive, another recorded the license plate of the vehicle. The driver threatened me personally with GBH and was invited to exit the vehicle to attempt it. Just as most of these "bros" are, they fled the scene, punked as punks usually are.

This incident was reported to the local constabulary, who will be handling it as necessary.


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