Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Angels Baseball

I still don't get why Arte Moreno had to use Los Angeles in the Angels name. Growing up Behind The Orange Curtain, they were always the California Angels to me. The 2004 World Champions were the Anaheim Angels. That seemed a bit odd, but not nearly as odd as the historically recent adddition of Los Angeles into their name. They are in California. They are in Anaheim. They are not in Los Angeles, unless you are a geographically retarded midwesterner.

The 17th saw my daughter and me visiting The Big A via bicycle to see the Angels battle the Dodgers. We arrived to lock-up to our usual spot on the perimeter fence and the gate attendant for that area made it a point to amble over to reassure us of the security of our bikes. An early arrival also allowed for a hot dog before the game and plenty of time to settle into our shaded seats on the Terrace level.

Ervin Santana

Chan Ho Park Delivers

Kotchman Looking One Over

Reggie Willits in Right Field

As usual, there were plenty of sights and sounds going on in the ball park besides the ball game. Some of the people watching in the stands was fantastic, especially with the mix of Dodger Blue in the sea of Angels Red.

Unfortunately for the Angels, Ervin Santana's two mistakes in early innings were a bit too much for their offense to overcome. Ervin is usually pretty tough in the Big A, but the law of averages must have had his number. That and Park's curve ball seemed to really be stumping the Angels' bats.

Ervin Santana Delivers

Leaving the Big A by bicycle seems almost criminal because it's so easy. We decided to hit a local eatery and getting to it with a few local knowledge tricks was a snap. Sitting outside to eat and watching the people in their cars leave was interesting. It took almost forty minutes for the parking lot clear out. The highlight of this was watching the bicycle rickshaws leave the parkign lot when they were done, some with style.

Papa Wheelie

From the eatery, we were home in fifteen minutes. If we had left for home immediately following the game, a good 60% of the people in cars would still have been stuck in that parking lot.


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