Saturday, September 16, 2006

Anaheim Angels by Bike

I love going to baseball games. I don't love the traffic jams associated with baseball games. I do love beating the system as well.

Rebecca, Carrie and I attended an Angel's game last month and did not have to drive in any traffic jams. We parked right at the gate and didn't even have to pay for parking. How did we do this? We parked a few blocks from Anaheim Stadium and rode in on cruiser bicycles.

Of course while one is negotiating the parking lot of any sports venue on a bicycle, they must be extra careful. Keeping an eye out for pedestrians and vehicles is pretty easy if you stay alert. The handlebar bell is a handy tool in assisting pedestrians and motorists of your presence as well and we used them liberally. The way in and out of the Big A parking lot were handled with equal ease and completed with a quiet cruise on the river bike path.

The best parts? Spending the evening with my two favorite girls, field level seats, hot dogs, beer, an Angel's win and not having to pay for parking!


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