Friday, May 19, 2006

Bike To Work Day

I'm torn. Though national "Bike To Work Day" garners a little media attention to let people know some cyclists are on the roadways, I still find it contrived. When I lived in Colorado, I biked to work almost every day. My employer never made any to-do out of my everyday riding, despite my obvious dedication to lessening traffic in that fair city, as well as staying more physically fit. Yet on national "Bike To Work Day" they fed and rewarded all of the once a year bunch with various prizes and other forms of recognition. Am I missing something here?

On my way to work behind the infamous Orange Curtain during this year's national "Bike To Work Day", I saw one other cyclist who was commuting. It was a day laborer who came very close to becoming a hood ornament on a very large SUV who was failing to yield in an intersection. The moronic SUV driver leaned on the horn before flooring it out of the intersection when the day laborer was clear. When this fellow commuter passed by me as I waited for the signal to change, I nodded towards the departing SUV tool and muttered, "pendejos." The guy on the bike just about crashed because he was laughing so hard. Yup, only one other bicycle commuter seen on national "Bike To Work Day".

Friggin' sad.



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