Saturday, April 15, 2006


I found a new word to add to my dictionary today. The inspiration was provided by a pickup truck driver, speeding up to a stop sign at a T intersection in a resedential neighborhood next to a school that was getting out. I was on the top of the T approaching on the wrong side of the street in order to avoid crossing over next to the busy intersection a hundred yards further down the street. The driver saw me, knowing there is no stop sign on the street I was on and appeared to be miffed that I was delaying his all-important arrival somewhere. As I passed in front of his gigantic pickup, he started spewing a bunch of garbage about me riding on the wrong side of the street. I turned around and laughed at him as he sped through his right turn and turned left on the next street down, right in front of a vehicle approaching from the other direction. He was a true hypocridiot for a)speeding in a school zone, b)almost causing an accident for failure to yield, and c)having the gall to bitch about a cyclist on the wrong side of the street in a resedential area.



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