Friday, May 12, 2006


Riding during Springtime in suburbia has the propensity to be an olfactory delight. Instead of utilizing the main arteries to pedal my way to and from where I am employed, I've been cutting through resedential areas. This has been happening more on the way in, during the balmy evenings when the barbecue grills are most active. Picking out exactly what is being grilled from house to house has become somewhat elementary. Some neighborhoods feature poultry and ground beef almost exclusively, whereas others are overpowered with the waftings of New York Strips and Ribeyes. The occasional eclectic family or individual presents a challenge in deciding if they are grilling lamb, pork, tofu burgers, fish, shellfish or some exotic cuts of wild or ranch raised game. Ribs are easy, though the tough part is deciding what brand of barbecue sauce is being used, or if it's possibly homemade. Arriving at work hungry is something that is going to take a little getting used to, as it is every year around this time.



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