Thursday, August 17, 2006

What's up with that?

I wonder what is going though their minds? I mean, what the hell are they thinking? Yeah, those motorists who are wondering how close they can get to you without actually hitting you. Do they not know the possible consequences of their actions? They could actually kill someone with this "game", or whatever they are up to. Also, do they know exactly who they are doing this to and what that person's background may be?

On the way home after work Tuesday, a ten ton flatbed truck, towing a trailer with a bobcat on it did just that to me. The mirror on the truck must have missed my head by about six inches and the trailer was even closer to clipping my arm as it passed. There was no other traffic in either of the two lanes going our direction and the way the driver was watching his mirror clued me into just how purposeful this ignorant act was. What to do? I showed him his hat size/IQ. That was when the fun really began.

Was this moron thinking he was going to do anything beyond almost killing me? The fact that he pulled over in an attempt to confront me only confirmed just how much of an idiot this turd really was. I was not surprised to see him sporting the mullett of the new millenium, shaved head and goatee on a no-neck beer bellied pig-man. Three swings and he would have to take twenty minutes to catch his breath again. I decided to play a little cat and mouse, taunting him into following me on side streets in that huge rig that was way underpowered and absolutely no match in manueverability to me on a bicycle. I let it go on for about 20 minutes of circling back, darting back and forth, and spinning through residential streets with this fool growing more enraged by the minute. If he had gotten out of the truck, the plan was to lure him far enough away from the truck to allow me to circle back, snatch the keys and ride away. Alas, he was too lazy to exit the truck.

Do I worry about people like this? Not really. I'd give this pig-man another year before he can barely roll his fat ass out of bed, let alone stand toe to toe with the likes of me. The best thing about living in suburbia is that there is more than one way to get from point A to point B. Avoiding pig-man's obvious creature of habit route will be easy, especially since I rarely take that street to begin with.



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