Friday, June 19, 2009

Fixed Mob vs The Angels

What do you get when 24 fixcreants mob an Angels game? That's right, pandemonium.

This past Saturday a few of the fixed gear faithful the Padres vs Angels game at The Big A. After fueling up on coffee at Kaffa in Orange, we spun over to the stadium to cheer on the home team. The ride over was largely uneventful due to Kaffa's proximity and use of the Santa Ana River bike path for about half of the required distance.


We all arrived safely and locked up under the watchful eye of the stadium's electric eye and the diligent gate attendant. The gatekeepers there are always so cool there about keeping a watchful eye on bikes. Once inside we made our way up to the View level and settled in.


The previous night's festivities at the Big A saw the Halos breaking out of an offensive slump and beating the Padres soundly. This night was no different, especially with Torii Hunter. In four appearances at the plate, he hit three home runs. The Angels tallied up 9 runs to 1 from the Padres, much to the delight of the Home fans and dismay of the Visiting fans. Needless to say, the level of rowdiness in the spirit of attending a MLB game was high within our bunch and everyone had a most enjoyable time.

murderers row

We'll be doing this again.


Blogger John Linko said...

Evan is a fixed gear freak too...


25 June, 2009 10:15  
Blogger commutant said...

Please tell me he's not wearing skinny jeans or an Emo-ish haircut!

25 June, 2009 15:51  

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