Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Angels Baseball x 2

Last week was a good week for me and riding to Angels Baseball games.

Rebecca, my friend Mark and I got a chance to spin over to The Big A on Saturday May 9th to see Joe Saunders and Zack Greinke go head to head in a classic pitcher's duel. Initial consideration was to get some View level seats, but the prospect of two of the American League's best hurlers going at it made the decision to splurge for some Field level seats and easy one.

Joe Saunders

Zack Greinke

The duel was as advertised. The only run of the game was gained by a fine piece of hitting, followed up by base running to match performed by Gary Matthews Jr.

Gary Matthews Jr about to smack a double

Gary Matthews Jr changing directions to tag up on Chone Figgins' sacfrice fly ball to right field

Joe Saunders pitched the game of his career, going all nine innings to get his first MLB complete game shutout.

Joe Saunders post game interview

The following Thursday's duel with the Red Sox was of a different flavor. A see-saw afternoon weekday battle was enjoyed by 35,000 at The Big A. My work counterpart/bud Marvin and I managed to fanagle a couple of company seats to this match-up.

I had to wake up early after working all night, zip over to work, pick up the ticket, zip over to the ballpark, lock up the bike and find my seat. It wasn't too difficult, leaving my place at 1205 and being seated in the ballpark by 1225 easily outpaced what could have been done by motor vehicle. Marvin was already settled in with a beer and after that neither of us left our seats for twelve innings of being on the edge of them.

The game was twelve innings of excitement, punctuated by several fantastic defensive plays by both teams and the exclamation point being what turned out to be a game-saving catch by Torii Hunter in the top of the 10th inning.

Torii Hunter

Yeah, it was a great week to ride to Angels games.


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