Friday, December 28, 2007

Damaged Goods

Though full closure on the hit & run will take some time, little pieces of it fall into their place from time to time. Kenny is admittedly going through some heavy PTSD and I'm definitely looking over my shoulder a lot more now. One physical piece of closure came the day I picked up my bike, or what was left of it. I had hoped my bike was less instrumental than my leg was in taking the mirror off of the Honda that hit us. It wasn't so.


I have to admit that I was pretty dejected when the damage was first viewed. That bike rode so well and trying to find another Japanasonic Schwinn of the same frame size and caliber was going to be difficult at best. This is especially true when keeping in mind how much I paid for that bike. The only thing I can think of offhand is to not scour the Earth, but use settlement money to buy a new Panasonic Track frame from Japan. Yeah, it'll be a pretty penny, but it will ride just as nicely as that old Super Le Tour 12.2 did.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Write On

Ok, so let this thing sit and fester in its own cesspool long enough. It's not that I haven't been riding bicycles, I have and quite a bit this year. It took hanging around with a bunch of miscreant fixed gear freaks to get me on my first century ride and another three after that. It's not any of that serious kind of cycling, but fun rides with good people moving at a steady pace. There have been a few races, lots of commuting and just generally avoiding getting into my truck to drive in this madness. It's been a great year of riding and 2008 promises to be even better.

Whether Whimps

What's up with SoCal people? A few drops fall out of the sky and all of the serious commuters are nowhere to be found. The same goes for temperatures under 50 degrees. If one does happen to show themselves when it's cold here, they are dressed like Nanook of The North. At least those who must commute by bicycle, or choose to commute in all conditions are still out there. At least now I know who is worth waving to when the fair weather cyclists join back in the fray.