Monday, May 30, 2011

Rockies By Bicycle (sort of)

Rebecca and I fonally got over to Denver to see a Rockies game. We drove down to Denver and parked a few miles from the ballpark and then rode in. Sure, it wasn't the old "ride to the Big A from my place" kind of spin, but the mileage was close. One of the best things about riding to Coors Field is the designated bicycle parking. They have a fenced area under a road ramp with numbered spaces and an attendant to log who is parking their bikes and in which space(s). With Denver already being really bike-friendly, this only adds to its niceties. As for the game, we were treated to a good old fashioned Rockies slugfest, with them racking up fifteen runs behind rookie Juan Nicasio's most excellent MLB debut on the mound.


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