Tuesday, November 07, 2006

New Bike

So, Carrie has a new bike. She finally took the plunge and bought a mountain bike! We took it out for a shakedown Sunday after I built it up. Even though it was mostly flat beachy bike path, we totaled 38 miles. Include a dinner stop to celebrate her Birthday and a little bit of touristic venturing about and it was a great way to spend an afternoon/evening. If she can hack 38 miles of bike path, she'll be able to handle the entry level dirt around here. We're both very stoked...



I like commuting in the cooler weather. The lack of sunlight in the evenings makes the pedal to work a little more dangerous though. The flashing headlight seems to help, except at 4-way stops where cross-traffic gets freaked out and will not proceed when it's their turn to do so. My routes have been modified for the pedal in, but have stayed pretty much the same in the mornings since Daylight Savings Time ended. It's nice having a little light on at least one direction of the commute.